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In search for a universal user interface, I end up with this. UIZero is a stack of full-width cards, dark themed, with a side bar to show/hide cards. It couldn't be simpler. If a project is made of modules, and if modules need divs to live in, UIZero's my goto.



A pet language, my first Golang program. It took me years to get past that fucking gogopher mascot.

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A language to play with, between Logo and Io. Currently just a draft (but it works).



Yeah nothing, really. Just a bunch of tricks, organized in a tree. The UI was meant to be inspired from Mediawiki, but I stopped before reaching that.



After reading these slides about Scalable Javascript Application Architecture, I made a really tiny quick&dirty OS. But I'm not enforcing anything here, modules can break the rules (not using closures to hide things, because I wanted to load/save entire state). If you're interested, the author made a serious framework based on his ideas.



Currently, this is just a syntax inspired from Smalltalk, with a cool logo I created with GIMP.



A programming language named AiDL, which is inspired from Tcl and Io, based on previous works on the pub/sub pattern, featuring a "meaning" type to handle semantic data, allowing deep metaprogramming, and targeting modern browsers as a platform. Development suspended.

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Draggable frames

A test of simple dashboard UI based on draggable frames. Built with with Cascade framework and Packery.



A draft of Birdy. Birdy is a message oriented virtual machine, a real-time chatbot engine, designed to be as small as possible while still being powerful and easy to use. A declarative language, based on special characters instead of keywords, is used to describe a set of nodes called "peers", which communicate asynchronously through a publish/subscribe system.

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A formal syntax to annotate natural language sentences. The idea is to describe explicitly the structure of natural language discourse. The name DSX means nothing.

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PRO|STAMINA is a programming game. Players have to write Javascript Web Workers, that we call “bots”. Bots compete in 1-vs-1 tennis-themed fights. PRO|STAMINA can be seen as a non-circular variant of Rock Paper Scissors game.

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An old webpage about AGI, full of thoughts and notes. It's all in french, and not meant to be understandable by people who don't live in my head.